Fab Feb Post-CNY Promo: 50% off Meguiar’s Air Refresher & Rims De-Greasing

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09 Feb Fab Feb Post-CNY Promo: 50% off Meguiar’s Air Refresher & Rims De-Greasing

The Max Polish boys hope everyone had a great break during CNY. As you all know pre-CNY is usually the craziest period for us so we are chillaxing for a bit (like the monkeys above!) so we can be energized to serve you all even better when we resume work on 16th February!

As such, we are pleased to present our Fab Feb Post-CNY Promo as follows:

Our Magnum Promo is already great value at S$128 for $180 worth of services (including not one but TWO generous coats of Meguiars’ Carnauba Paste Wax and a full interior treatment), we are making it even more awesome with 50% off our super-popular Meguiar’s Air Refresher and Rim De-Greasing add-ons!

8185wi9gsNL._SL1500_The Meguiar’s Air Refresher is a single use Odor Remover that removes the toughest odors throughout the entire interior of a car, truck or SUV. By using a car’s recirculated air system Meguiar’s® Air Refresher will move throughout the inside of your vehicle, removing odor in all the hard to reach areas, while leaving a pleasant new car scent in its’ place!

Act Now: For the rest of February, with every purchase of our best-selling Magnum Promo, get to enjoy Meguiar’s Air Refresher for only $20 (usual price $40) or Rim De-Greasing for $15 (usual price $30) as well! Better yet, get both and make your car look new and smell new inside-out!

Make your booking here :)

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