Auspicious August: 50% Off Newest Add-on, Nano Mist Car Fumigation


27 Jul Auspicious August: 50% Off Newest Add-on, Nano Mist Car Fumigation

For this coming month, it’s time for our newest add-on! August is the month to be auspicious because we are giving you 50% off the new great add-on, Nano Mist Car Fumigation and 50% off Meguiar’s Interior Refresher with every purchase of our best-selling Magnum Promo.


As you may know, our Magnum Promo is one of our best-selling services for good reason. The Magnum is already at an amazing value of S$128 for S$180 worth of services (including 2 generous coats of Meguiars’ Carnauba Paste Wax and Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Care with complimentary Interior Wipe-down) on its own, but we always want to give MORE to our customers!


Introducing our Nano Mist Car Fumigation!

Using cutting edge technology, a specially designed fumigation device atomises the Bac-free nano mist into an ultra-fine dry mist containing hundreds of trillions of “nano-sized” cleaning particles. Germs and bacteria no longer have anywhere to hide. Designed to not only kill germs and bacteria on the surface, it is also able to penetrate into all areas of the passenger compartment. Rest assured that the resultant air in your car becomes cleaner, fresher and of higher quality. Provide a clean environment for your loved ones!

Act Now: Only for the month of August, with every purchase of our best-selling Magnum Promo, get to enjoy our Nano Mist Car Fumigation for only S$25 (usual price S$50) or Meguiar’s Interior Refresher for only s$20 (usual price S$40)! Even better, get both and refresh your car completely!

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